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History graduate students seated in IHGC for a class with Max Edelson


With courses being held completely online, DH instructors may find they need increased pedagogical support.  DH@UVA now offers more links to resources at UVa and elsewhere to help faculty and graduate instructors during the Covid-19 crisis. 



  • If you'd like to see how other instructors organize their syllabi, be sure to use the filter function to search for models on our Syllabus Search page.  You can narrow down our curated list of syllabi by filtering for the type of material you are teaching.  For example, if you teach Spanish literature using texts, you might find inspiration from text-oriented syllabi from disciplines like history, anthropology, or rhetoric/composition.  If you are interested in how students might work with maps in your course, disciplines such as American studies and sociology may have geospatial models to offer to you.



Sponsors and Contributors

The DH Pedagogy pages are sponsored by a grant from Archie Holmes, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.  The DH@UVA website is sponsored collaboratively by Ron Hutchins, Vice President for Information Technology, and John Unsworth, Dean of the Library and University Librarian. 

Rennie Mapp is site editor and owner of DH@UVA.  Logan Heiman, DH Communications Specialist in the Office of the VPIT, and Elyse Oakley, formerly DH Pedagogy Intern, have provided crucial research and editing assistance.