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The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities offers a wide array of consulting, with particular focus in the following:

  • eXtensible Markup Language (XML), especially with the TEI and EAD DTDs
  • XML-related technologies (XSLT, servlets, etc.)
  • Web-accessible relational databases (especially Postgres with JDBC)
  • Ruby/Rails and PHP programming
  • Unicode
  • 3D computer modeling of cultural heritage sites

For consulting requests, visit the IATH website to contact the IATH Director.


UVA’s Library offers a vast range of services for us here at UVA. While the support that the library offers is extensive, the help available differs with your role at UVA. For a full review of the help that the library offers for you, please visit the services page on the library website.

Scholars' Lab

A unit of UVA Library, Scholars' lab is an internationally recognized team operating under the slogan “people over projects.” True to their motto, the Scholar’s lab is available for consultation and collaboration over a range of interests and scholarly projects. Scholars' lab has explicitly stated expertise in DH, as well as:

  • GIS, mapping, & other spatial technologies
  • cultural heritage informatics (including photogrammetry, scanning, and modeling of artifacts and historic architecture; and exploring virtual reality and augmented reality approaches to this data)
  • pedagogy, training, & mentorship in DH and spatial technologies
  • research and development (e.g. programming and design)
  • makerspaces and making as scholarship
  • librarianship (e.g. expert consultation for experimental scholarly projects)

For more information visit their website, or schedule a consultation by emailing

Center for Digital Editing

"We are continuously exploring and developing new resources and insights as they relate to the following four elements: research and development, engagement, project consultation and development, and education.  As a result, the CDE provides a distinct concentration of resources, knowledge, and solutions essential to the conceptualization and development of digital editing projects as well as advancement of the field." 

To contact the CDE for consultation or collaboration, visit their website or contact them via their webform.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at UVA can help you build new or restructure existing syllabi. They offer a number of workshopping opportunities, ranging in the amount of time commitments necessary. They also boast specialists in Digication, that can help you integrate it into your classroom. For more information visit the CTE website to pick a workshop or program that suits your interests.

Learning Design and Technology Center

The Learning Design and Technology Center “supports and advances effective learning, teaching, and scholarship, with technology by:  

  • Actively collaborating with faculty to leverage their expertise as we provide evidence based teaching practices.
  • Engaging with faculty on individual projects and departmental projects.
  • Implementing a research-based model was designed based on the three principles of Articulating Intentionality, Designing Authentic Courses, and Cultivating Engagement.
  • Researching, implementing, and evaluating innovations and best practices
  • Developing expertise and competencies through training, consultations, and professional development
  • Designing virtual and physical learning environments”

Please visit their website to schedule a consultation with the Learning Design and Technology Center.


Does your UVA unit offer services which pertain to our purposes here at UVA and you'd like to have your UVA organization on our list of technical support for DH pedagogy? Contact our site manager, Rennie Mapp, or an active member of the DH@UVA team to collaborate with us!