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Below is a list of online resources that focus on DH pedagogy.  Links requiring UVA Library authentification are *marked with an asterisk; the rest are freely available.


*Apollon, Daniel, et al. Digital Critical Editions. University of Illinois Press, 2014.

*Battershill, Claire, and Shawna Ross. Using Digital Humanities In the Classroom: A Practical Introduction for Teachers, Lecturers and Students. Bloomsbury Academic, 2017. See especially-- 

  • chapter 5, “Designing Classroom Activities;”
  • chapter 7, “Creating Digital Assignments;” and
  • chapter 8, “Evaluating Student Work.”

Baym, Nancy. danah boyd, Kate Crawford, Tarleton Gillespie, and Mary Gray. Digital Divide / Digital Inclusion: A Reading List. Social Media Collective, Microsoft Research Labs. 

*Bonds, E. L. "Listening in on the Conversations: An Overview of Digital Humanities Pedagogy." 2014 CEA Critic, 76(2), 147-157.

*Carter, Bryan, and Ebook Central - Academic Complete. Digital Humanities: Current Perspective, Practice and Research. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2013. For suggestions for DH assignments, see sections two and three

*Cohen, D.J., & Scheinfeldt, T. (Eds.). (2016). Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching From Digital Humanities. University of Michigan Press. See especially--

Davidson, Cathy, "I Wake Up Counting: A Transformative Guide to Teaching and Learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences", CUNY, 2020

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Gold, M. K., & Klein, L. F. (Eds.). (2016). Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016. U of Minnesota Press. See especially--

Gold, M.K., & Klein, L.F. (Eds.) (2019). Debates in the Digital Humanities 2019. U of Minnesota Press. See especially--

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Schreibman, S., Siemens, R. G., & Unsworth, J. (2016). A New Companion to Digital Humanities. Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. See especially --

  • Montfort, Nick. “Exploratory Programming in Digital Humanities Pedagogy and Research.” pp. 135-148

Spiro, Lisa, creator. Zotero.  Digital Humanities Education Group Library  Registered 2010. 

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*Travis, Jennifer, and Jessica DeSpain. Teaching With Digital Humanities: Tools and Methods for Nineteenth-Century American Literature. University of Illinois Press, 2018.