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About the DH@UVA website

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If you have a suggestion for content you'd like to see added to the DH@UVA website, please contact site director Rennie Mapp at 

DH@UVa is a networked, partially crowdsourced website that offers a point of entry to the digital humanities organizations, people, projects, and events at the University of Virginia. 

  • For information about graduate study in the digital humanities, please see the DH Certificate.

  • For information about the two organizations whose primary work is in the digital humanities, see the organizations page.

  • If you're curious about definitions of DH, see a collaboratively authored definition here.  

Later versions of this site will visualize the networks of people, methods, courses, and organizations that coalesce around various DH practices at UVa.


DH@UVA Communications: Mission and What We Do

Communications at DH@UVA works with three primary goals in mind:

  • Coordination

  • Amplification

  • Socialization


The DH ecosystem at the University of Virginia is famously diffuse and decentralized, and this is a source of strength for the people, projects, and research assembled around the digital humanities on Grounds. With the DH Communications Committee as a central organ, Rennie Mapp, Project Manager for Strategic Digital Humanities Initiatives and Administrative Director of Graduate DH Certificate, convenes representatives from UVA’s constituent DH units on a monthly basis. These representatives and communications professionals work together at these meetings to align event calendars, share new events for promotion, and identify opportunities for collaboration on future events and projects. All DH practitioners -- faculty, graduate students, and staff -- are encouraged to add their organization’s events to the DH@UVA calendar or to submit upcoming events for inclusion on the calendar to the DH@UVA communications specialist. For a list of active Communications Committee members, please visit our Committees page.


DH@UVA devotes its News section to communicating the latest developments with public and internal constituencies about DH activity across Grounds. Our goal is that the News section reflects UVA’s status as a preeminent incubator for the development of research, projects, faculty, graduate students, and staff who engage with the digital humanities. Importantly, DH@UVA’s website offers a critical resource for faculty and graduate students who participate in the DH Graduate Certificate program. Communications from DH@UVA alert faculty and graduate students to program course offerings, deadlines, and other curricular developments.

The subject matter of the DH@UVA News section includes but is not limited to:

  • completed and ongoing DH projects

  • DH curricular developments at UVA

  • awards and grants 

  • academic and professional appointments and promotions

  • major DH talks, lectures, presentations, and conferences

  • magazine-style features and individual profiles

  • developments and updates to the DH@UVA website


DH@UVA aims to provide UVA’s DH community with opportunities and fora to socialize in informal, relaxed settings that stimulate conversation, discovery, and learning. The primary vehicle for this aspect of DH@UVA’s mission is the DH Colloquium series which takes place several times throughout the academic year in conjunction with a DH mixer. Events in this series feature an invited faculty speaker and expert in a select area of digital humanities praxis who may be affiliated with the University of Virginia or another university. This series is generously sponsored by the following offices at the University of Virginia:

  • The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

  • The Office of the Dean of Libraries

  • The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs in the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

  • The Office of the Dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

  • The Office of the Dean of the School of Data Science

  • The Office of the Dean of the School of Architecture

DH Colloquium events are planned and hosted by Rennie Mapp, Project Manager for Strategic Digital Humanities Initiatives and Administrative Director of Graduate DH Certificate with support from DH@UVA Communications Specialist, Logan Heiman

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Rennie Mapp is chief editor and architect for this site.  Please contact her with questions and suggestions at

This site is made possible through the generosity of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and the Office of the Dean of the Library.  The DH@UVA team develops and maintains it and provides content.  Since April 2019, Reclaim Hosting has provided web hosting.  Members of the DH Communications Team provide important content and advice.

From 2017 through early 2019, the CACS group at ITS developed, maintained, and hosted it.  It was designed and built it in Drupal  headed by Lauren Moriarty of CACS, with indispensible consultation from Rafael Alvarado of the Data Science Institute and Patricia Searl of the UVA Press.   Laura Miller of Scholars' Lab, Sarah Wells of IATH, and John Alexander of SHANTI provided invaluable assistance in the early stages of development in their capacity as members of the UVa DH Communications Committee.