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Mr. Kerwin Holmes Jr.

About Me: 

Kerwin Holmes, Jr. is a PhD student focusing upon the history of Christian theological understandings of the nature of divinity as expressed in Patristic Christology.  He has a particular interest in the Syriac Christian community and its mulitfaceted way of approaching the Christological debate through choice language, cultural understandings, and philosophical influences.  He is also interested in the ways that Christian writers interacted with Jewish thought and their surrounding cultural milieu in apologetic discourse.   His interest also includes how early Christians developed defensive understandings of Christ's nature while safeguarding monotheism.

Kerwin is an alumnus of Morehouse College (BA in History, 2015) and the University of Chicago Divinity School (MA in Religious Studies, 2018).  He is also a former Scholar's Lab intern via the Leadership Alliance Mellon Initiative (LAMI), being one of the first undergraduate student interns to participate in that summer program at the University of Virginia.

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