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Mr. Justin Garrett Greenlee

About Me: 

Justin earned his bachelor's degree from Kenyon College (2009) and a master of arts from the University of Alabama (2014). He is now a doctoral student in the Joint Program in Art & Architectural History at the University of Virginia, where he works on topics pertaining to late medieval and early modern art in Italy. His dissertation, entitled “Bessarion’s World: Art, Science, and Crusade,” examines the patronage and collecting practices of Byzantine émigré Basilios Bessarion (b. Trebizond c. 1408, d. Ravenna 1472) within the fifteenth century culture of Crusade in Europe and the Byzantine world. Ongoing projects involve relics and reliquaries, art and humanism, and art and cultural interchange in the Mediterranean. There’s a connection between Bessarion and the Kardashians; ask him about it!