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Allison Margaret Bigelow

About Me: 

My research and teaching focus on colonial science, Indigenous literacies, racial category making, and gender systems in the early Americas (1492-1700). At UVa, I'm involved in two digital projects. Multepal (meaning "Joint Rule" in Classic Yukatek Maya), which I co-organize with Rafael Alvarado of the Data Science Institute, is a thematic research collection for students and scholars of Mesoamerica. Our current focus is to create a digital critical edition of the Maya K'iche' book of creation, the Popol Wuj. Our edition allows readers to map characters, places, and technologies referenced in the text onto a network of historically-grounded topics that are reflective of Maya cosmovisions. You can find all of our works and works in progress here. A list of our publications and presentations is available here. My second project involves migrating a database of language contact in 16th c. Peru from Lima to UVa, with help from Scholars' Lab. The site, built by Peruvian researchers Lydia Fossa, Diana Coronado, María Claudia Delgado, and Katherine López, is available here.

In addition to DH, I also teach classes in Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Indigenous Studies. I'm especially interested in working with students in the intersections of these areas.




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