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Amanda Visconti Takes Helm as Scholars' Lab Managing Director

Amanda Visconti Takes Helm as Scholars' Lab Managing Director

Visconti comes to UVa from Purdue University

Alison Booth, Academic Director of Scholars' Lab, is happy to join Scholars' Lab staff in announcing that Amanda Visconti will join the Library as Managing Director of Scholars' Lab. Visconti joins UVa from Purdue University, where she has served as Digital Humanities Tenure-Track Assistant Research Professor and Specialist Librarian.

Visconti, who completed her dissertation at the University of Maryland, brings humanities research expertise, technical skills, and experience collaborating on advanced digital research, as well as immersion in the library world.  She also has demonstrated gifts in creative community building, especially through social media.

Her position at Purdue from 2015-2017 involved creating a digital humanities presence there through personal and collaborative research, team-building, and mentorship.  Her dissertation, produced after a research fellowship at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH), was the first humanities dissertation to fully acknowledge digital methods (code, design, user testing, blogging) as scholarship by treating them *as* the dissertation instead of addenda to traditional written chapters.  See for more details.