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Panel: “The Promise of the Public Humanities and their Intersection with the Digital Humanities"

What is the importance of an intersectional framework for the public humanities? How can such a framework expand how we think about data, the humanities, and public-facing scholarship?  What is the potential of the public digital humanities?

Our panelists offer a range of experiences with digital public humanities platforms, as well as invaluable expertise in how to manage intersectional, public-facing work and how to develop a presence as a public scholar. Panelists include a mix of faculty and staff who will informally discuss their work and how we might imagine a future for DH that uses digital methods to engage our ever-changing world and promote positive change?


  • Allison Bigelow: Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese 
  • Lisa Goff: American Studies and English
  • Andrea Roberts: Architecture 
  • Lucy Stylianopoulos: UVA Library
  • Jess Swoboda: English
  • Amanda Visconti: Scholars’ Lab
  • Brandon Walsh: Scholars’ Lab

May 4, 2023 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Harrison/Small Auditorium

Event type: Panel