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Digital Humanities Fellows 2022-23: Final Presentations

Please join us for a final presentation for this year’s Scholars' Lab Digital Humanities Fellows:

  • Becky Brown, Music CCT
  • Eleanore Neumann, Art and Architectural History

The students will provide presentations about their work for the year, and lunch will be served following Q&A. We will also offer a hybrid option. Registration is not required to attend in person, but please register for the online event to receive a zoom link.

Becky Brown
“the local.weekly.daily” is an interactive piece by Becky Brown exploring repetitive cultural patterns through the lens of online journalism and marketing. Borrowing the visual aesthetic of a local news website, AI-generated articles and advertisements are re-contextualized through a series of familiar and unfamiliar combinations, each highlighting different facets of mainstream cultural repetition – and, in turn, the inherent repetitiveness of AI-generated art. Interactive audiovisual elements add an aspect of playfulness and exploration while also highlighting the user’s lack of choice within such a system. This work is one movement of all alone in the Star Chamber, the multimedia work central to Becky’s dissertation. Each movement uses a different medium to explore a shared central theme, with a special focus on complicating that medium’s relationship to its audience.

Eleanore Neumann
What if we approached the museum’s digital footprint as an intercultural space? This question has been guiding the collaborative digital project that I have undertaken with the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum at UVA. Together with our Indigenous Australian collaborators, we have been rethinking how to put the museum’s art collection online. In this talk, I will expand upon the stakes of such a project in light of ongoing debates about “decolonizing” the museum. I will share key takeaways from our interviews with artists, curators, digital humanists, technologists, and scholars—each of whom has shaped our approach from their distinct vantage points. Lastly, I will discuss how we tested one model for Indigenous collaboration in the semester-long digital humanities project for my undergraduate art history class, Crypto & the Museum. The students worked with Judy Watson, one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, to create content for digital resource on the print portfolio she completed in 2012 after her artist residency at UVA.

For more details about DH Fellowship program, please see the Scholars' Lab website.

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May 10, 2023 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Harrison/Small, Rm 318 & Virtual

Event type: Panel