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Join us Wednesday, March 1 from 2-3pm EST for the second discussion in the ACH Mentorship and Professional Development series, "Making DH Work for Us: Labor, Care, and Careers." For this special session, Eduard Arriaga and Katina Rogers will be joined by co-facilitators Hannah Alpert-Abrams and Sylvia Fernández Quintanilla.

The landscape of DH is rapidly transforming not only because of the professional pressures of academia but also because of the numerous technological developments. If ten years ago we thought the DH center and the university were the main sources of knowledge and experience for DH practitioners, we may need to rethink those assumptions today. This session will question the basic conception of professional development against the backdrop of a changing professional landscape. We will discuss questions such as:
- What do we mean by professional development?
- How DH is shifting beyond/outside of academia?
- How do we prepare ourselves to engage broad audiences in a responsible and ethical way?
- And others.

We will also ask attendees to share their own experiences so we can build a list of skills we currently use and that will be important going forward in our DH adventures.

The session will be led by Eduard Arriaga and Katina Rogers from ACH. In addition, as an important component of our session, we will have two guest facilitators who will share their experiences to illuminate our discussion: Hannah Alpert-Abrams (National Endowment for the Humanities) and Sylvia Fernández Quintanilla (University of Texas, San Antonio).

This session takes place Wednesday, March 1 from 2-3pm EST. Zoom details will be provided upon registration.

March 1, 2023 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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