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Roopika Rissam: "No Data Without Representation"

The University of Tennessee Humanities Center is thrilled to host an online public talk by Roopika Risam, associate professor of Film and Media Studies & Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College, titled "No Data without Representation: Principles and Practices for Intersectional Data."

A number of recent interventions, such as Data Feminism (Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein) and the Feminist Data Set (Caroline Sinders), have offered frameworks for what they call "intersectional feminist data." This seeming dominance of white women in discourses at the nexus of intersectionality and data begs the question: where are the voices of women of color in this conversation? In this talk, Risam outlines principles for approaches to intersectional feminist data visualization that, first and foremost, create space to bring the voices of women of color and other vulnerable communities into data-driven approaches to scholarship through community-engaged work.

About the Series:

Our annual Distinguished Lecture Series brings acclaimed humanities scholars and renowned artists to the Knoxville campus for research-based conversations with UT faculty and graduate students and to give a public talk on a topic of the speaker's choosing. Speakers are nominated and hosted by faculty from our nine affiliated arts and humanities departments. Because only speakers with exceptional records of publication and research activity are eligible to receive a nomination as a visiting scholar, the program brings to campus some of the most cutting-edge and prolific intellectuals in the humanities today.

For registration, please visit the event page and for a full list of this year's lectures, visit the Humanities Center website.

February 6, 2023 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

virtual event, register at link in description

Event type: Lecture