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Matthew Reeves: Archeology and GIS at Montpelier

Matthew Reeves

Bringing the Black Landscape of the U.S. Constitution to the World: Archaeology and GIS Applications at Montpelier


Campbell Hall 153

5:00 pm

Over the past decade, GIS applications have allowed landscape historians to bring a progressively more complex set of data visualizations to the cloud. At Montpelier, the plantation home of President Madison, GIS is used in all data recording processes. This includes the collection of data in the field, bringing in legacy excavation data, architectural renderings of buildings, and historical documents into online GIS maps. Matthew Reeves, Director of Archaeology and Landscape Restoration at Montpelier, will discuss these applications through a live presentation of data through online GIS maps and 3D scene data. A key feature of this data is public accessibility via web-based apps through ESRI’s (Environmental Systems Research Institute) web map applications.

Matthew Reeves has been the Director of Archaeology and Landscape Restoration at Montpelier since 2000. Dr. Reeves’ research interests center on the archaeology of plantation life, African Americans (enslaved and free), and the Civil War. His background includes more than two decades of directing research projects on plantations and freedman period sites in Jamaica, Maryland, and Virginia.

This event is in-person only; it will be recorded and made available on UVA School of Architecture's YouTube Channel. It is presented by the School of Architecture, with co-sponsorship by the University of Virginia Scholars' Lab, Institute for Advanced Technologies in the Humanities, and the Interdisciplinary Archaeology Program at UVA, with generous support from the Kelly-Tukey Endowment, dedicated to advancing scholarship in Historic Preservation.  For more details, see:


October 10, 2022 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Campbell Hall 153

Event type: Lecture