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7th Annual NYC Digital Humanities Week

This year’s NYCDH Week theme is Support, as we build off of last year’s Care/Repair to show how a DH community can come together to support one another. While COVID still impacts us on a daily basis, and much of the focus of this DH Week will be on how to support one another in times of crisis, we also look to think beyond the pandemic and how we can reach out, and share our experiences, specialties, and sense of togetherness on a regular basis.

This intention will come through in the roundtable we have planned for the kickoff event and through the annual announcement and presentation of the NYCDH Graduate Student Awards. In addition, we have added a series of support workshops that will provide our community with skills beyond the technical and academic realm, including project management, proposal and grant development, and early career development. Stay tuned for details about those.

As we did last year NYCDH Week 2022 will take place in a fully online format, while continuing to do what it has done for the past six years — bring together individuals across the region who are interested in digital humanities, offering them opportunities to learn new techniques and skills, to hear about DH projects from across the city, and to connect with a vibrant and diverse community of scholars and practitioners.

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February 7, 2022 to February 11, 2022 12:00 am

virtual event, register at link in description

Event type: Conference


Event type: Workshop