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Fall 2021 ARCH-5600 Final Presentation

This is an announcement for the Fall 2021 semester final presentation of ARH 5600 : 3D Cultural Heritage Informatics (3DCHI).  Please join us this Friday at 2 pm for final presentations given by this semester's student interns.  The presentation will take place in person in the Clemons Library 3rd Floor Viz Lounge and also presented online via Zoom at

passcode = 995879

The presentation will be recorded and can be made available afterward.

This class was formed in 2017 as a collaboration between the UVA Library and the Architectural History department to train students in the use of 3D technologies for documenting culturally and historically significant architecture, art, artifact, and archaeology.  The first half of the semester is focused on field work using 3D documentation technologies such as laser scanning, structured light scanning and photogrammetry.  During the second half of the semester, students learn how to process 3D data gathered in the field to produce datasets to be archived in the UVA Library for use in research and pedagogy.  The students' work is then presented using ArcGIS Story Maps intended to be used as a portfolio record.

This semester our class ventured to various sites in the Central Virginia region and worked with artifacts from collections resources found on Grounds.  Sites and structures documented include:

  • The McGuffey Cottage - a former enslaved labor dwelling located in the garden space adjacent to Pavilion IX
  • Poplar Forest (interior) - continuing the work from previous 3CHI student field work on the Winter home of Thomas Jefferson
  • The UVA Rotunda portico spaces - completing the documentation of the UVA Rotunda, also from past 3DCHI student field work
  • Morven Farm, Japanese House
  • Academical Village student rooms 44-48 - documentation to support work in collaboration with Facilities Management and University architectural historians 
  • The Pine Grove Rosenwald School - located in Cumberland County in collaboration with community efforts to preserve the school building
  • Montpelier archaeological site - in collaboration with Matt Reeves, head of Montpelier archaeology
  • The UVA Hume Memorial/ aka The Whispering Wall - in collaboration with Facilities Management
  • Academical Village East Range graffiti - documentation of student inscriptions that span over 150 years, in collaboration with Facilities Management

Artifacts and collection items documented this semester include:

  • UVA Library Special Collections selection of marble busts
  • The Mark Kutney Conservation Collection - bricks and architectural details from UVA's past
  • The Fralin Museum of Art Asian Collection - a selection of figurines

Please join us this Friday for a presentation of 3D data documentation of these various subjects.  Please feel free to forward this announcement to whomever might be interested.  Please direct any questions regarding this event to

December 17, 2021 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Clemons Library 3rd Floor Viz Lounge / Zoom (hybrid)

Event type: Lecture


Event type: Panel