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CFP: DH Unbound 2022

DH Unbound 2022 is guided by ACH and CSDH/SCHN’s commitments to equity and justice. The conference recognizes that digital humanities scholarship is inextricably sociopolitical. Therefore, we have chosen to forgo a theme to emphasize the inherent sociopolitical nature of the work and encourage all proposal writers to explicitly address the sociopolitical stakes of their work. 

DH Unbound 2022 prioritizes proposals that focus on social justice in multiple contexts: anti-racist work, Indigenous studies, cultural and critical ethnic studies, intersectional feminism, postcolonial and decolonal studies, and queer studies. 

We also prioritize proposals that explicitly address multilingualism in digital humanities, which is itself a matter of social justice. Examples of topics include: multilingual metadata, linked open data, preservation and dissemination of endangered languages, OCR for non-Latin scripts, methods for right-to-left languages, tools and interfaces for multilingual digital humanities, multilingual pedagogies, and multilingual corpora.

January 15, 2022 12:00 am

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