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DH Careers Series: Panel on Navigating the Faculty Job Market with DH

A panel discussion with Georgia Henley (Asst. Prof. English, St. Anselm College), Alexander Manschel (Asst. Prof. English, McGill U), Rachel Midura (Asst. Prof. Digital History, Virginia Tech), and Sarah Murray (Asst. Prof. Classics, U Toronto)

(Hosted by Stanford University)

About this event: This online panel brings together early-career faculty from a range of humanities disciplines who use digital humanities methods in their research and teaching. The panellists will share reflections on their own professional journeys to date and advice for graduate students entering (or about to enter) the academic job market with digital humanities as part of their profile. The event will conclude with the opportunity for attendees to pose questions to individual panellists in breakout rooms.

About this series: The DH Careers Series is a quarterly panel series showcasing the many professional paths for graduates with training in the digital humanities. Look out for upcoming panels on "DH Careers Beyond the Tenure Track" and "DH Careers Beyond Academia".

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October 12, 2021 9:00 am to 10:30 am

virtual event, register at link in description

Event type: Panel