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Decentralized Storage: Preserving Humanity's Greatest Assets

The Decentralized Web (DWeb) has an upcoming Meetup on September 28, 10am PST, on the topic of Decentralized Storage: Preserving Humanity's Greatest Assets. Summary description below, and the full event details + registration can be found at Eventbrite:

We explore the potential and reality of decentralized storage with two projects leading the way toward storing highly valuable cultural data at scale.

We will start with the basics: explaining the difference between IPFS & Filecoin and how they work together. Then we'll hear from two projects at the cutting edge of storing large scale data of high cultural significance in the Filecoin network. What are their challenges and successes?

Next up, we will have a presentation about the DWeb Principle on Mutual Respect. It will explore how centering the values of mutual respect, trust, and equity can help promote justice and human rights in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

September 20, 2021 7:15 pm

register at the link in the description

Event type: Mixer