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Digital Humanities & Research Software Engineering Summer Workshop (deadline)

The Alan Turing Institute is pleased to announce registration is now open for the Digital Humanities & Research Software Engineering virtual summer school 26 - 30 July 2021, organised by Federico Nanni (The Alan Turing Institute), Mary Chester-Kadwell (University of Cambridge), Neil Jakeman (King's College London), Lucia Michelin (University of Edinburgh), Barbara McGillivray (University of Cambridge and The Alan Turing Institute).

The one-week summer school will involve 5 intensive training days where the learners have an opportunity to gain thorough understanding of the role of a Research Software Engineer in Digital Humanities research. This is an introductory course open to all (including postgraduate students, early career researchers, data scientists), and will require full time (8h/ day) or part time (4h/ day) remote attendance for a week in the UK timezone (BST).

A day in the summer school

Morning lectures will introduce examples of research projects in Digital Humanities (DH) that have strongly benefitted from the contribution of Research Software Engineering (RSE) experts in the team. The afternoon sessions will consist of hands-on activities on the topics presented in the morning. Each day will finish with an open discussion with a speaker on their career in between RSE and Digital Humanities.

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June 8, 2021 12:00 am

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