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Behind the Scenes with One More Voice, a Digital Humanities Recovery Project from Victorian Studies

"One More Voice ( is a digital humanities project that focuses on recovering non-European contributions from nineteenth-century British imperial and colonial archives. The name reflects the fact that there is always one more voice to recover from the archives. The non-European contributions take multiple forms and appear in multiple genres, including travel narratives, autobiographies, letters, diaries, testimonies, interviews, treaties, maps, oral histories, genealogies, and vocabularies. One More Voice attempts to offer a critical and systematic evaluation of these rich and diverse materials by using interpretive approaches and digital preservation techniques that expand existing scholarship on the topic. 

In this talk Professor Adrian S. Wisnicki (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), lead developer and lead scholar for One More Voice, will take up two lines of discussion. First, Professor Wisnicki will explore the development of One More Voice, with attention to its objectives as a minimal computing project and its practices in terms of accessibility, agile publication, peer review, and digital recycling. Along these lines, Professor Wisnicki will also reflect on the origins of the project, especially its links to the long-running Livingstone Online project (, a peer-reviewed digital humanities initiative that Professor Wisnicki directs, and the conceptual rootedness of One More Voice in 15 years of Professor Wisnicki's research in African, Victorian, postcolonial, and travel writing studies. 

Second, as part of the talk Professor Wisnicki will engage with students in the UVa English Department's current course on “Uncovering 19th- and 20th-Century British Writers of Color” (ENGL 2599-001). This course is led by Professor Indu Ohri, a One More Voice collaborator, and is both using the site for part of its course content and as the focus of its final, collective student project. In speaking with students, Professor Wisnicki will address questions posed by the students while also reflecting on how One More Voice intervenes in Victorian Studies and speaks to the present moment  in the United States, especially on the topics of social justice and racial equality."

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February 19, 2021 9:00 am to 10:00 am

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Event type: Lecture