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CFP: Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship

Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship encourages engagement of pertinent issues relating to pedagogy, training, and mentorship in the humanities from a digital, open, and/or social perspective.

The event’s format will involve pre-recorded presentations (from five-minute lightning talks to full twenty-minute conference papers), which participants can view in advance of shared online discussion.

We welcome proposals for conference papers and curricular resources on any topic informing or treating pedagogy, training, and mentorship in the humanities from a digital, open, and/or social approach.

You can propose to share a curricular resource such as a syllabus, assignment, or lesson plan, in which case your presentation video can be an explanation of the rationale for and implementation of your resource. Your proposal can outline the resource you intend to share; your resource will be made available to registered participants on the website. We encourage everyone to provide written transcripts or captioning of their talks for accessibility purposes.

Topics for presentations could include:

  •   discussion of a resource for digital and/or open pedagogy, training, or mentorship in the humanities (see above)
  •   individual experiences with DH pedagogy, teaching, and training as student or teacher
  •   mentorship strategies and structures
  •   how universities, colleges, and other educational institutions are extending DH and open social pedagogy in the classroom
  •   implementing DH pedagogical frameworks locally and working across institutions and training institutes to develop and collaborate on materials that can inform ways in which DH offerings and programs are formalized
  •   strategies for open pedagogy and/or social pedagogy in the humanities
  •   inter- and trans-disciplinarity in DH curricula and open pedagogy
  •   assessment techniques in DH curriculum (what types of assessment should occur in digital humanities courses? and how might these assessment practices challenge existing university or community-based outcomes?)
  •   international contexts and collaborations for training, mentorship, and pedagogy
  •   openness as it relates to multilingual and multicultural training, mentorship, and pedagogy
  •   developing a multilingual lexicon for teaching DH; and discussion of pedagogical materials (syllabi, tutorials, exercises, learning outcomes, assessment and rubrics).

The event will include a two shared DHSI Institute Lectures—one by Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew K. Gold, and Kathy D. Harris, authors of “Curating Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities,” and the other by Elisabeth Burr. These lectures are open to all registered for any aspect of DHSI, including workshops and aligned conferences and events. Registration is free.

Paper, panel, and session proposals may be submitted via before February 25, 2021. Proposals should include the name, affiliation, and email address of the proposed presenter(s), as well as title and abstract of one to two paragraphs (250 words maximum).

February 25, 2021 12:00 am

DHSI 2021:

Event type: Call for Papers