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HMI Talk: Katya Klinova, AI and Shared Prosperity

This project proposes a framework to analyze how different types of advances in AI may have vastly different implications for labor markets and inequality, and to steer progress in AI in a direction that advances globally shared prosperity.  Dozens of organizations developing and deploying AI have published responsible AI principles, many of which include commitments around “supporting and enabling an inclusive economy”, or “benefiting all”. Yet an anticipation of AI advancement generating economically “left behind” groups remains widely shared and is not unfounded. Our framework guides the AI industry and research community to reflect on which AI applications are more likely to “lift all boats” and support shared prosperity, and which are likely to drive concentration of economic gains and contribute to exacerbating inequality. Evaluating this question throughout the AI development process is a critical step towards assuring that AI advancement is ethical and creates an inclusive economic future for humanity.

October 21, 2020 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm

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Event type: Lecture