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UVA Library Data Services/StatLab Workshop: Data Preparation in R with dplyr

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Instructor: Jenn Huck

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Data almost always requires processing and manipulation before analysis. This workshop will explain and illustrate some of the most common data manipulation tasks in R using the dplyr and tidyr packages. We will learn how to select specific columns or rows, create new columns or remove unnecessary ones, combine multiple commands into a single command, and reshape data to enable data analysis. We will work through several examples together with opportunities to practice using these tools on your own. We will utilize R Markdown throughout this lesson.

This workshop assumes you have R and RStudio installed and know your way around RStudio, including how to install and load packages as well as loading and reviewing data. Before attending this workshop, you should complete the BasicBasic lessons in the R-Ladies Sydney module, #RYouWithMe, especially if you are new to R; this should take 45-60 minutes to complete. We won’t review these ideas in the workshop, but if you have questions about the material, or need help getting R and RStudio set up, reach out to Jenn before the scheduled workshop.

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September 25, 2020 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Zoom live

Event type: Workshop