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UVA Library Data Services/StatLab Workshop: Scientific Writing with LaTeX/Overleaf – Figures & Tables

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Instructor: Ricky Patterson

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LaTeX is a free document preparation system, used to create journal articles, books, dissertations, etc. Overleaf is a collaborative cloud-based platform for the creation and editing of LaTeX documents. UVA has a site license to Overleaf to provide greater and easier access. In this workshop we will develop an example of a document in Overleaf, illustrate some basic functionality of LaTeX, and focus on how to control the placement and appearance of figures and tables within LaTeX.

This workshop assumes you have an Overleaf account, and have some basic familiarity with LaTeX and Overleaf. Before the workshop you should review the Overleaf resources Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes if you are new to LaTeX. We won’t review these ideas in the workshop, but if you have questions about the material, or need help getting started with Overleaf, reach out to Ricky before the scheduled workshop.

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October 2, 2020 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Zoom live

Event type: Workshop