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Workshop: Data Visualization in R

Exploring our data with graphs allows us to visualize relationships, spot unusual observations, or find unexpected patterns. In this workshop we introduce how to effectively use the ggplot2 package to explore and visualize data in R. With its consistent syntax and layered approach to making graphics, ggplot2 has revolutionized data visualization. What previously would have required tedious programming can now be accomplished in a few lines of ggplot2 code. This workshop will introduce the logic behind ggplot2, how to use ggplot2 to explore your data, and how to customize and polish ggplot2 graphs.

R is available to everyone. The only prior knowledge assumed for this workshop is basic experience using R such as how to open an R script, read in and manipulate data, and submit R code. Please bring a laptop to fully participate.

Sponsoring Organization(s):

February 4, 2020 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Brown 133

Event type: Workshop