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Exploring Identity in Tibet: An Undergraduate Digital Visualization

Please join us in the historic Rotunda for a presentation of Exploring Identity in Tibet, a digital visualization
about change in Tibet by an undergraduate seminar. It was created in Introduction to the Digital Liberal Arts
(Media Studies 3703), a project-based learning class that uses interactive technology to explore topics in
the humanities.
Exploring Identity in Tibet is an interactive visualization that explores the changes in Tibetan Identity using
contemporary artist Gonkar Gyatso’s work as a guide to the geopolitical, religious, and cultural changes to
Tibet, from traditional times to the modern Tibetan diaspora. The result is an interactive visualization using
SHANTI's VisualEyes tool that tells the story in an engaging manner.
This class is a prototype of an evolving effort we call research seminars (RSEMs), to connect
undergraduate students and faculty in creating an interactive visualization that invites deep inquiry into that
faculty member’s research interests. The students from the seminar will present the visualization and
discuss their research and process in creating it.

December 4, 2017 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Dome Room of the Rotunda