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Postponed--DH@UVa Code Studio: Getting Started with Python for the Digital Humanities

It doesn't matter how rudimentary or advanced your coding skills are.

It's important to dedicate time to your coding. 

The DH@UVa Code Studio happens in Alderman 317 on Friday afternoons from 2-4.  The first hour is usually instructional: a volunteer consultant will be on hand and will offer a brief lesson and/or answer questions.  The second hour is free-form. Bring a project you're already involved in or get started on something new. 

It's casual!  Drop by for any part of the studio or stay for the whole time. Coffee and tea are provided. 

2-3pm:  Lesson

Join Rafael Alvarado of UVa's Data Science Institute to begin using Python for your work in the digital humanities.  This workshop will provide a basic introduction to Python as a tool for humanists interested in  text analytics and natural language processing. We will cover installing Python (specifically Anaconda) and how to take a raw text and convert it into a form suitable for feeding into a variety of analytical processes. The format will be informal and responsive to general questions.

3-4pm:  Free code

Work on something of your own or continue working on what you learned in the first hour.

DH@UVa Code Studio motto:  Don't code alone!


November 17, 2017 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Alderman Library 317 (west wing)

Event type: Studio