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Documentary History of the Construction of the Buildings at the University of Virginia, 1817-1828

This electronic database consists of 1,750 manuscript documents related to the construction of the original buildings of Thomas Jefferson's nineteenth-century architectural masterpiece, the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, Virginia. When completed, it will consist of transcriptions and annotations for the documents, nearly 3,000 digital images from microfilm and from originals for many of those documents, a book-length historical narrative based on those documents, and hundreds of digital photographs of the university's historic grounds. The analytical and textual components of the project are largely completed, and most of the material is already in a searchable electronic format, but the text encoding and hypertext links necessary to make this a fully integrated and searchable SGML database have not been completed. The database is now permanently maintained by the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center and can be accessed from the following link.

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