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This course is designed to increase the digital literacy of advanced undergraduate and graduate art & architectural history students. Class meetings will combine discussion of readings and analysis of sites and tools with hands on instruction in a spectrum of digital tools relevant for art and architectural history.  Discussions will  focus on  questions such as what avenues for research does this tool or site open up?  What ones does it close off? Does this technology enable us to ask new questions that would not be possible?  ...


JUEL is a place to encounter what life was like in the first years of the University of Virginia. Jefferson’s vision of a secular university, dedicated to enriching public life and sustaining the new republic, was both embodied in and transformed by the people who lived, worked, and studied at the University. Bringing together a trove of personal and administrative documents, as well as archival images of the university and three-dimensional digital renderings, JUEL invites users to discover the people and places of the University’s early years, stretching from its founding in 1819...


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